Newborn Session: 

Bring enough formula and diapers to last at least 3 hours.  Also bring any props that could act as a photo accessory (ie. baby blocks, blanket, stuffed toy, etc.). If you have any great baskets or bowls that your baby can fit into, bring those too.

Baby Session: 

Bring extra formula, diapers and clothes.  Also bring any interesting items (i.e. parasol, cute hats or costumes, bows, tutus, a favourite stuffed toy or doll, special blanket.)

Child Session: 

Bring extra changes of clothes to add variety to your child’s portraits. Also bring any interesting items (i.e. parasol, cute hats or costumes, favourite stuffed toy or doll, bows, tutus.)

Family Session: 

Handy things to bring are: comb/brush, extra makeup (if mom or teenage girls need it), mirror, face powder (to avoid face shine), extra clothes for younger children to change into for variety.  

Cake Smash Session: 

Bring a small cake or a large cupcake for the actual cake smash.  Also bring a few nice outfits for a mini portrait session.  After the mini portrait session, we will then do the cake smash session.  Your child can do this in just a diaper to avoid messing up their clothes.